Got Movement? (Continued)

Cardboard Guitars. You will need an empty tissue box, rubber bands, a paper,
towel roll, glue, a pencil and paint. Place the tissue box short-side up with the
tissue slot facing you. Stand the cardboard paper towel roll on top of the box
and trace around it. Cut out the traced circle and insert the tube into the hole.
Glue the tub in place and let your child paint the guitar to their liking. Next,
stretch several rubber bands lengthwise around the box over the tissue slot
(rubber bands of assorted widths will produce different sounds!) Finally, roll
a pencil under the rubber bands on the side opposite the guitar’s neck and your
child is ready to rock!

Maracas. Be sure shakers are sealed tightly or you’ll have a mess on your
hands! You can use plastic eggs filled with rice or beans, and tape them closed.
Or, you can fill plastic water bottles with rice or bells and super glue the
lid closed. For a different type of maraca, you can take two paper plates and
staple them together at the edges, leaving a 2-inch opening to fill the maraca
with rice or beans. After filling the maracas, finish stapling the plates together
and let your kids decorate their new instruments!