Got Movement? (Continued)

Tambourines. Using two heavy-duty plastic plates, put them together and
punch 10 evenly distributed holes around the edges. Thread yarn through
the holes, and tie them together, leaving about three inches of yarn at the end.
Next, tie on jingle bells and let your kids decorate the plates with glue, glitter,
construction paper or stickers and they’re ready to go!

Kazoos. Let your kids paint a toilet paper roll in any combination of colors
they choose! Next, cut a circle from a piece of wax paper, about 5-6 inches
in diameter. Once the paint has dried, wrap the wax paper around one end of
the toilet paper roll and secure it with a rubber band and voila!

Tin Can Xylophone. Make sure there are no sharp edges to avoid cuts on little
hands! Gather various sizes of empty tin cans and rubber bands. Put a rubber
band around two cans and continue to add more from there, securing with more
rubber bands as needed. To make music, hit the cans with the rubber ends
of pencils.